30th November 2009 : Dailymail.co.uk

The return of the girls from St Trinian’s… and they say standards are slipping

St Trinian’s doesn’t have a politically correct heritage. The original cartoons by Ronald Searle were anarchic and often cruel, and the films featured the offspring of gangsters.
Nowadays, of course, it’s all about being yourself – especially if ‘ yourself’ is a self-indulgent brat. The Posh Totty clique are back in the modern film’s sequel, St Trinian’s 2, starring Colin Firth and David Tennant.
Rupert Everett reprises his role as Miss Fritton, along with Gemma Arterton and Posh Totty kingpin Tamsin Egerton – who this time has two new sidekicks…

Gabriella Wilde, 20: Saffy
I wouldn’t consider myself posh totty, but I did go to an all-girls private school.
The pranks at my school were never really vicious – just silly traditions, like the first years having to sneak into areas where they weren’t allowed. In the Upper Sixth it got a bit more adventurous. But I’d left by then, so I missed out on all that.

Saffy is very shallow.
Tamsin’s character, Chelsea, is always one step ahead of me – or rather, I just follow everything Chelsea does. If there’s anything that distinguishes my character, it’s that I’m a little bit more stupid. To be fair, none of us are that bright.